“Put on your dancing shoes and your spiffy clothes. Pack your comb, a clean hanky, and step into Noel Hankin’s time machine for a delightful journey to the world of New York City disco dancing parties. Experience first-hand the backdrop of “Fun City” vs. “Fear City” by taking this exciting, indeed exhilarating and joyful ride through the pages of “After Dark”. Noel Hankin makes you an intimate part of “The Best of Friends”, as they strategically move from the stresses and successes of their ground-breaking business ventures to the roar and the rhythm of the crowded dance floor. As a proud and distinguished Queens College alumnus, Noel has found his true calling as a captivating storyteller.”

Jay Hershenson, Vice President for Communications and Marketing and Senior Advisor to the President of Queens College

“Back in the ‘70s, when nightlife was supreme in the New York area, it was fashionable to go to nightclubs that made you feel good and look good at the same time. It was my privilege to count on Leviticus and its sister clubs – Lucifer’s, Justine’s, Orpheus, and Bogard’s – to have that pleasure. It was a time in my life I will fondly remember always.”

Leviticus was the most popular nightclub in New York during the early to mid-70s. Back then, people loved to dance and Leviticus had the best dancers. I played there often and the crowd was fabulous.”

Cuba Gooding, Sr. of the Main Ingredient

“As much as I’d like to talk about it, I can’t…because it will make me cry. Those days at Leviticus were…wonderful!”

Vaughn Harper, former top DJ on WBLS radio New York and MC at Leviticus

“After Dark is such a fabulous read about the exciting times when disco dancing was the rage. It’s also a deeply researched, first-hand account that immerses the reader in the diverse culture and history of 1970s New York City when the disco movement was born and rose to captivate the nightclub scene. It really will make you want to dance! Written by a co-founder of a social club of college friends, it is also a story about friendship and an amazing lesson in entrepreneurship.”

Gabrielle McDonald